Certificate in Video Production is a hands-on media course the is offered by International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) and Princecam Media Ltd.

Target Group
Students completing this certificate program will be qualified for entry-level employment in production for television, radio, advertising, public relations, education, film, entrepreneurial projects and media departments of agencies, businesses, and institutions.

Rationale of the programme
This course seeks to produce a professional, qualified through education and training, who is employed or retained by a media house, corporate communications office, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive communications work.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course the learner should

  1.  Become a trained media writer with a global passion and desire to positively impact the world through the broadcast media.
  2. Be self-supporting by taking advantage of the open career opportunities for individuals in productions as a specialist and a consultant.
  3. Be able to provide skills that will enable media houses to effectively disseminate information in the digital age.
  4. Be equipped with mass communication skills suitable for today’s competitive business world. Apply technology and innovation to increase productivity and efficiency in the conduct of business.
  5. Demonstrate ability to research using technology and current information resources.
  6. Demonstrate ability to write in a socially responsible and legal manner.
  7. Be provided with career progression into higher level courses in media related disciplines.

Admission Requirements
a) KCSE Candidates
Candidates with a mean grade of D+ (D Plus) or equivalent and a minimum of C- in English.
b) Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education
Candidates should have at least 1 principal pass and two subsidiary passes
c) Certificate
IUPS Certificate in Online Journalism.
d) K.C.E
Candidates should have at least Division III (36 points)
e)  Any other qualification equivalent to 1 to 4 recognized by International University of Professional Studies Senate.

Units for the Course
1. Introduction to Media  
2. Introduction to Computing
3. Script Writing/Voice Narration
4. Handling of Grips
5. Studio Equipment and Maintenance
6. Photography
7. Videography/Cinematography
8. Sound Production
9. Lighting
10. Video Editing
11. Introduction to Animation and Graphics
12. Law and Ethics
13. Practical Entrepreneurship
14. Project

Mode of Delivery

  • The Problem Based Learning
  • The Lecture Method

Problem Based Learning used as the methodology of delivery in the programme presents the student with simulated current and relevant issues to resolve making the graduates relevant and competent in their work.  Mandatory internships in the IUPS Certificate in Video Production ensure that students are prepared for real-world practice.

Modes of Study
Full time and part time

6 months

Kes. 15,000 every month plus
Kes. 10, 250 statutory fee payable on the first month only.