IU partners with Google to offer Google Apps for Education


Inoorero University(IU) is partnering with Google to offer its students and faculty members Google Apps for Education(GAfE). GAfE includes Google's email service Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Talk and instant messaging, and Google Sites. GAfE brings with it many benefits to IU students and faculty members: Students and faculty members will enjoy a mailbox storage of up to 7GB way above what we currently offer to them. They will be able to build their own interactive calendars, share documents, collaborate and even build websites using Google Sites service. Fundamentally, GAfE is going to make communication and collaboration much easier within the IU community.

Transitioning from the IU email system to the new service is underway and is expected to complete in early-march 2010. But, students and faculty members won't have to wait until the process is complete to start enjoying the benefits of GAfE - they can begin using the services immediately. We have provided an optional interface to sign onto GAfE. And because we have not fully transitioned, controls are in place to make sure delivery of email to the IU email system is not disrupted.



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