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Top 100 finalists for the 2013 Enablis Business Plan Competition (BPC) from all the 47 counties have gathered at Inoorero University for the next three days for training.

The participants are drawn from four sectors: Green and ecological business including social businesses, media, marketing and communication, arts, sports, logistics, tourism and recreation, business and professional service, Information and communication technologies including business processing and outsourcing and Agri-business including manufacturing.

The competition which is sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Safaricom Foundation, Inoorero University and Chase Bank seeks to provide opportunities for growth and expansion for existing, start-ups and already expanding businesses.

The competition is an entrepreneurial project aimed at identifying and publicizing outstanding business plans. The competition is designed to empower entrepreneurs in the early stage business on how to write a fundable business plan and is open to entrepreneurs aged over 18.

According to Enablis the aim of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship by:
• Encouraging entrepreneurs to sharpen their business acumen, improve their business plan thinking and develop their business plan writing skills;
• Facilitating the provision of funding to entrepreneurs who meet the criteria of the competition’s funding partner;
• Creating sustainable opportunities for gainful employment and furthering the country’s economic growth.
The participants will cover areas such as Business presentation, marketing, legal and human resource issues in business.

A total of Kshs. 3 million in prize money has been set aside for the 2013 business plan competition winners.

IU the Enterprise University and a training partner for this competition has been instrumental in conducting a series of awareness and training sessions in selected counties across the country for those with limited skills in writing business plans.