Prof. Thairu: Don't sell Linux, Sell what Linux can do

lLinux second training.jpg

The second free hands-on training on Linux took place on 14th to 25th January 2013 where learners acquired skills on configuration. The ten day training workshop was organized by the department of Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) at Inoorero University as a corporate citizenship activity with a total of 15 participants.

The participants covered the Introduction to Unix & Linux, File Systems & Permissions, Users Groups & Permissions, Editors & Bash Shell, Samba File Server, Web Server (LAMP), Word Press CMS, DHCP Servers, DNS Servers, Introduction to Directories (LDAP), Virtualization (Oracle VBox),™Samba Domain Controller, Networks & Security (Cryptography), ™Firewall & Proxy (Squid) and introduction to Linux mail services.

"The reality of Konza Techno City a key flagship project of Vision 2013 will only become a reality if the right people are prepared with the right skills”, said IU Vice Chancellor Prof Thairu during the workshop’s closing ceremony.

He went further to state that Konza being an Information and Communication Technology city, all the servers will require configuration and such a training was key to prepare for Konza.

According to the department their main purpose for the CSR was to grow LINUX a computer operating system usage in Universities and in Kenya at large. A Linux skill seeks to provide a class experience to acquire the necessary skills towards becoming a competent Linux administrator. The advantage of Linux is that it gives one an opportunity to view files unlike windows which has a closed system.

Grace Kwena a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) said she can now confidently configure a Domain Name Server (DNS).

"The knowledge i have acquired has boosted my skills and i can now apply for a job,” Ms Kwena said.