RCED Orients Second Cohorts

Inoorero University’s Regional Centre for Enterprise Development (RCED) has been conducting
a programme to change the mindset of mentors in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
(MSME). The Centre held its second cohort orientation for the Business Mentorship Program.

The pioneer mentorship class graduated at the end of last year (2011) majority of whom
appreciate the training they underwent having realized the disconnect that existed without a

Catherine Waweru an Advertiser who attended the mentorship training shared her success story
that the mentee that she has worked with has already started seeing the fruits. Waweru also
believes that the program provided a more experiential element while acting as a bridge between
the tough academics.

The MSME Business Mentorship programme intends to train qualified business mentors for Non- governmental organisaions, governments and other corporates.

The program which began in July 2011 has seen 23 mentors successfully finish the training. “The role of the trained business mentors is to generate advice and provide technical support on growth opportunities and possibilities of financial and other support services on a regular basis to entrepreneurs, especially young ones,” said Mr Daniel Huba, the Co-ordinator of the Regional Centre for Enterprise Development.

Huba went further to state that the course is offered once per month, for four consecutive days, and takes five months to complete. The courses are also module-based and provide mentors with technical competencies on business and soft skills.

In total RCED expects to have trained 83 mentors by December 2012 that shall be providing mentorship to at least 415 entrepreneurs from the MSME sector.

The long-term goal of the Mentorship Program is to contribute to the growth of sustainable MSMEs in Eastern Africa. Such growth will see the MSMEs contribute more to the countries’ economic development and provide jobs to a majority of the population.