Inoorero University and RCED At Lopha Education Day


Inoorero University’s Regional Center for Enterprise Development (RCED) and the Business Development team joined Lopha Multipurpose Co-operative Society, on Saturday 13th July 2013 at Sportsview Hotel Kasarani, to empower Matatu Owners during the members Education Day.


The event, themed ‘Actualization of our Dream, Living beyond 5 years’ focused on growth and improvement of business through debt management, diversifying investment and leveraging on group dynamics. The University will offer Practical Entrepreneurship Training (PET) to the Matatu entrepreneurs to enable them cope with the diverse challenges of business.

The University, through RCED, partnered with International Labour Organization –Youth Enterprise Facility (ILO-YEF) to offer the pioneer Practical Entrepreneurship Training programme in the country. The program merges Inoorero University entrepreneurship training with the following ILO certified trainings:

  • Improve your business (IYB)
  • Start your Business (SYB)
  • Generate your Business Idea (GYB)
  • Know About Business (KAB)

It aims at qualifying entrepreneurs to develop and take a business idea successfully to the market by familiarizing themselves with key elements and necessary steps of developing a business idea into a sustainable enterprise.