IU and KASIB Hold Open Day

Investors in the stock market have experienced a number of challenges in the recent past due to lack of knowledge from advisors. In view of this, Inoorero University and the Kenya Association of Stock Brokers Association (KASIB) partnered together to introduce a programme aimed at creating future skills for the financial market.

The aim of this course is to empower the public with relevant knowledge in the investment world having realized that a lot of investors’ money has been lost due to lack of proper advice. The investment advisors and stock traders lack the required knowhow to pass to the clients. This will also create a great financial market for Kenya and the East Africa in general.

The course is one of its kind in the world IU and KASIB being the pioneers.

During the Open Day KASIB Chief Executive Officer, Willy Njoroge said, “They require people who understand the industry and help the clients.” He went further to state that KASIB and IU share a vision “not just to expand literacy in the financial markets, but have a production chain of people who can perform in the market.”

The attendees were advised to therefore ensure they increase their literacy level in the stock market.

The course takes 18 months starting at certificate level and proceeds to two diploma levels each taking six months with guaranteed internship at on one of the KASIB partners who are already experiencing a shortage of people. Once they get this knowledge they will be required to pass it on to others to better understand the financial market.