IU Embraces Technology to Provide Higher Learning Online

Inoorero University, the Enterprise University has joined the league of higher learning institutions worldwide to provide distance and e-learning. Through its virtual IU has provided the society a much easier way to access learning material on an online platform. The Distance and E-learning seeks to increase and open learning opportunities by offering alternatives to formal and conventional education. Distance learning offers flexibility, convenience and affordable way of choosing to learn and achieve your career goals. Through online education, IU distance learning brings diverse educational opportunities from around the world closer to where one is.

The University has embraced this concept with the aim of offering academic and career specific programs available at certificate, diploma and degree levels. IU provides one with relevant program glossaries, quick references, detail links, notes and tips in addition to support that one needs to increase their depth of understanding while retaining the information one need to be successful.

The online learning at IU enables students to achieve the educational goals while meeting their needs for convenience and flexibility. To this end IU has embraced the concept of distance and e learning to break all barriers in higher education by taking education to the people. IU has already partnered with Safaricom to set up digital villages throughout the country and Executrain to provide learning materials and act as a Centre in project management.

For more information go to http://land.elearning.iu.ac.ke/