Global Universities Ranking Released.

The 2012 bi-annual report for Universities performance was released on Thursday 6, February 2013 by Webometrics the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions in the world.

In the study Inoorero University was ranked at position 454 out of 853 in Africa and position 29 out of 44 in Kenya Globally IU was placed at number 16051.

The ranking is important for universities in terms of international recognition and branding, which in turn attracts students, faculty and research grants.

The Webometrics study assesses 11,997 universities globally and positions are awarded based on how well they adopt modern research, teaching, and academic publishing methods and how easily this information is accessible online. Half of the ranking points are tallied from the “visibility” of a university’s website where the assessors inspect the number of external visits it gets. The other points come from an institution’s level of “activity,” taking into account the number of web pages hosted on the main site, the number of research repositories available and how many academic papers are published on acclaimed international journals.

Webometrics aims to encourage greater adoption of online publications and open access to information. The original aim of the Ranking is to promote academic web presence, supporting the Open Access initiatives for increasing significantly the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by the universities to the whole Society. In order to achieve this objective, the publication of rankings is one of the most powerful and successful tools for starting and consolidating the processes of change in the academia, increasing the scholars’ commitment and setting up badly needed long term strategies.

The objective is not to evaluate websites, their design or usability or the popularity of their contents according to the number of visits or visitors. Web indicators are considered as proxies in the correct, comprehensive, deep evaluation of the university global performance, taking into account its activities and outputs and their relevance and impact.

At the end a reliable rank is only possible if the web presence is a trustworthy mirror of the university. In the second decade of the 21st century the Web is key for the future of all the university missions, as it is already the most important scholarly communication tool, the future channel for the off-campus distance learning, the open forum for the community engagement and the universal showcase for attracting talent, funding and resources. The previous ranking was in July last year.