Giving Back to the Society


Corporate citizenship is vital for any organization. In an effort to support the community in which we live in, Inoorero University students went out of their way to support a worthy course. On Saturday, February 18, 2012 the students travelled to the remote village of Ndenderu to the Streetnizers Ministry home to about 50 former street children.

This is a transformation Centre for young boys’ majority of who have been under the influence of drugs. The founder, Juvenalis Kyalo and the young men were full of joy when IU students paid them a courtesy. He advised the students to “invest in people in order to offer better life as it is important to impact on other people’s lives.”

It was indeed a day well spent having posed a great challenge to IU students as one of the former street children narrated his moving and emotive story and encouraged them to love and embrace street kids as one of their own.

The students had a bonding session with the kids, prepared food and engaged in a football match with them. At the end of the day the IU team gave a donation of foodstuffs, clothing in a spirit of sharing.