Appreciation for an opportunity accorded to me by the University.

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I joined Inoorero University in the year 2007 when it was Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS) when I enrolled for a certificate course in Information Technology. I passed and proceeded to diploma and advanced diploma.

I have gone through a lot of ups and downs but I thanks God and Inoorero University for this far I have come. I don't feel fit in the society without a degree and my dream is that I one day become a professor just like you (Prof. Thairu). After completing my advanced Diploma in IT,I enrolled for a degree this time in distance learning where i could only select a few units that I could manage to pay for.

I was given an admission letter and admission number on May 2012 but the fee seemed to be a limiting factor to my dream. I decided to apply for an attachment at Inoorero but I didn't have in mind that I would become a teacher to teachers. I applied at a time that August ICT Based Teaching and Information Management (IBTM) classes were beginning.

When i was given an opportunity i was very happy and every time i felt very happy to see the teachers some of them very senior respecting and following my instructions and demands despite being young as I am.

One day I mentioned about a software that is used to burn CD when one teacher heard about burn she thought there was fire and she went ahead to scream asking "uuui wapi kunachomeka".after explaining to them about it she said in kikuyu"niui giki ni githomo kia ngumbaru wagweta mwaki nonginya tumake".

There is another one who would not close her document because she thought by closing she was damaging.she would call me to do it for her.once i make sure that the document is saved i close it she would say in kikuyu "niwona riu ni wathukia"

Another woman had come to school with a ngunia that when she finish class earlier she would pass by the market. If she does not make to sacrifice time for the market she would leave the ngunia in class and promise to take it the following day.To me it was fun fun fun to see all these happenings.

I take this golden opportunity to thank inoorero for the opportunity they offered to me.that short time proved to be my happiest ever. Since I have not finished my attachment i dont know the next place i will be demanded to work to continue wit the attachment. I hope that i will hear from you soon.
Once again Thanks a lot.

Yours faithfully,
Mwangi Charles Maina